How to enjoy your blak•label choices

We break the code of better eating

Our team at blak•label wants you to get the most out of everything you order from us. And while you wouldn't have found us unless you were exercising your culinary IQ, we bet that our customers have come up with ideas to inspire you further. 

Here are just a few tips we've heard about. Let us know your ideas in the comments below!

Lemon Olive Oil

This one's easy -- or at least seems that way -- because we all know how oil carries flavor and helps them blend, and we all love lemon. But the difference with using, say, a squeeze of lemon and our own lemon olive oil is worth noting: Our lemon flavor has depth and balance. It envelops you. It's less about the rock-and-roll of a twist of lemon and more about the luxury of walking though a Sonoma lemon field on a day when the sun is warm and the breezes are cool. 

You should try it then on food that calls for lemon, but expect a rounder flavor. 

  • Drizzle it over freshly grilled salmon (please, sustainable wild-caught if you can)
  • Pour over asparagus (trim the stems, steam or sauté in butter)
  • Drizzle over a shrimp and linguine plate right before serving
  • Blend a bit into a whole-milk yogurt
  • Twist your caprese salad by pouring a bit over the plate right before serving
  • If you roast a chicken, stuff it with a handful of thyme, and about fifteen minutes before it's done, sprinkle the top with chopped thyme (no stems) -- then before serving, drizzle with the lemon oil

Champagne Shallot Mustard

Of course this is great on sandwiches and burgers. But the Champagne vinaigrette at the heart of this mustard also likes to dress up more sophisticated fare. 

  • Spread it on a steak as it's resting
  • Spread it on a rack of lamb before cooking and then add a bit more at the very end as it rests
  • Slice up slivers of turkey thigh and slather it with the mustard, served with a salad whose dressing uses our lemon olive oil -- it's a lighter meal but full of flavor
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